Newport Extra Purified Butane gas-near impurity free

For filling all butane powered lighters and products


Newport Butane Refills

Newport is the ultimate universal butane gas refill suitable for all refillable butane cigarette lighters and butane powered products. Manufactured in England with its unique crenelated cap containing eight separately coloured and moulded adaptors and two free extra hard flints Newport has, over the last fifty plus years, established an excellent reputation for quality and functionality. This has been reinforced by the introduction some thirty five years ago of the Near Zero Impurity butane quality benchmark.

Newport Refills are available in 90/250/300/400 ml sizes and are distributed throughout the world.

The Newport Cap

The unmistakeable Newport crenulated cap, with its 8 individually moulded colour coded adaptors and two universal flints. Newport is the only product in the world permitted to use this distinguishing and unique crown.

The Benchmark introduced by Keen Newport Global Ltd some 35 years ago to signify the exacting and demanding standard of purity of our butane gas refills. This standard ensures the lowest scientifically possible stable impurity level to ensure the ultimate lighter and butane powered device performance.

Newport Lighter Fluid

A high quality and highly refined slow and cleaner burning lighter fluid available in 100ml and 133ml and fitted with safety closure, suitable for all petrol lighters. Manufactured in England Newport Fluid is also suitable for dissolving grease and glue.


Newport Mini Filters

Newport Mini Filters available in Regular (8mm) and Super Slim (5.7mm) effectively reduce up to 45% tar and nicotine. Use a new filter when the red or yellow mark is covered.


Newport Universal Flints

Newport Flints are suitable for all flint lighters. They are highly pyrophoric, are resistant to corrosion and, consistent and long lasting.

Newport Pipe Cleaners

Made from pure cotton and the highest possible quality steel wire Newport Conical/Tapered Pipe Cleaners are available in bags of 50 and 100. These super absorbent pipe cleaners are used in the smoking, craft and garden tie markets.