Newport Butane Refills

In every part of the world, Newport Butane continues to outsell every other make, irrespective of priceā€¦
Since it was patented more than fifty years ago, Newport has remained the public’s preferred butane refill worldwide.
This ground breaking product has been the brand leader for many reasons, including:

  • Its vastly superior quality.
  • The unmistakable Newport logo design.
  • Newport’s unique crown, holding eight separately moulded and coloured Newport adaptors and two Newport Universal Red Flints.
  • And the ‘Near zero Impurities’ benchmark boldly printed on every Newport System can. This certifies that the product can safely refill every kind of butane powered product anywhere in the world.

Newport. Always chosen first from the shelf, and respected by smokers and retailers in over 200 countries globally.

The Newport Cap

The unmistakeable Newport crenulated cap, with its 8 individually moulded colour coded adaptors and two universal flints. Newport is the only product in the world permitted to use this distinguishing and unique crown.

Newport Lighter Fluid

The finest grade of slow evaporating fuel with a cleaner burning flame. Available in the UK in 100ml size, 125ml in Europe, and 133ml worldwide.

Newport Flints

Extra hard long lasting universal flints in a convenient dispenser.

Newport Pipe Cleaners

Super absorbent cotton pipe cleaners available straight or conical.

Newport Mini-Filters

The Newport Mini Filter is designed to remove up to 60% of the tar from cigarettes. For more information on our Mini-Filters go to our on-line shop.

Newport Universal Wicks

Suitable for use with all petrol lighters.